March 3, 2016

Kitchen Countertops

Reno Tahoe Kitchens personnel has been involved in kitchen remodels for nearly 40 years in Lake Tahoe, CA and Reno, NV and is here to help you pick the kitchen countertops that are right for you. Whether you are deciding to renovate your entire kitchen, or just give your current kitchen some upgrades, kitchen countertops play a big role in the look. Kitchen ountertops range widely in price, and each option offers different benefits. We have selected 5 of the most commonly used products to help you get started on the right path. These are in no particular order based off of our preference. Remember, it is all about your needs.




Granite countertops are made from a natural stone found in nature and every piece is unique. It is a very durable material and holds up well with knife nicks, high heat, water, and general daily use. It adds a lot of character to your kitchen, and will likely outlast the rest of the kitchen as long as it gets resealed every so often. It also requires a very strong cabinet base to support the heavy weight of the product.

Solid Surfacing (aka Corian)-

Sold surface countertops are formed mostly from acrylic and polyester. The biggest selling point is the fact that its nonporous making it virtually maintenance free. Also have a seamless installation which is a nice touch. They do have a tendency to scratch and burn from high temps, but are easily sanded out. The color and pattern options are endless, however some think it has an artificial look and feel.


Marble countertops are definitely considered the most elegant choices when it comes to look and feel. It withstands hand extremely well also. It stays very cool even on hot days, which has been highly preferred for pastry and baking stations for a long time. It keeps the dough’s from sticking to the surface. However, keeping marble free from stains and nicks has always been an issue, even with consistent sealing. Most homeowners will only use it in small areas where there isn’t heavy use.


Quartz countertops are man-made out of a mixture of resin along with quartz chips that are tinted with color. This product offers an excellent compromise between the natural beauty of natural stone but with the low maintenance of solid surfacing. It is offered in a wider range of colors and patterns than natural stone, but without that natural grain and elegance of stone.


Tile countertops have been heavily used for many years, but are starting to become obsolete. Lots of people like them due to their inexpensive nature, and the ability to change out a broken tile if ever necessary. Its endless variety of styles and colors give it the ability to work with almost style of kitchen. It holds up very well to heat, sharp blades, and stains. Generally, people dislike this product because of the uneven surface it provides. Due to the gout lines it can be difficult to roll a pie crust or sometimes even balance a simple cutting board. If the grout is not sealed on a regular basis, it is also susceptible to moisture damage and bacteria growth.