March 3, 2016

Kitchen Design

Reno Tahoe Kitchens personnel has been involved in kitchen remodels for nearly 40 years in Lake Tahoe, CA and Reno, NV and is here to help you with your kitchen design. Specializing in rustic, contemporary, modern, and classic designs.


When it comes to kitchen design, there are many factors to consider. First you need to have a style that you like and one that works with the rest of the house.  Appliances need to be picked so cabinets can be built around them, and the position of appliances need to be factored in as well.  Most people have a style that they innately like, or are drawn toward. Many choose to take from different styles and incorporate them together.

Traditional style kitchens-

Tend to use eye catching architecture such as arches, moldings, cabinet panels, and decorative legs to intrigue the user. There finishes tend to be more antiqued looking, incorporating glazing and antiquing on the stain/paint. They also tend to have covers for the range hood, as well as panels to cover appliance doors all of which help give this style a luxurious and expensive look.


Classic style kitchens-

Look timeless, and fresh. They are simple in the details, clean, but stand up to the test of time.  They use black and white for colors, granite countertops, but the overall look should not be too modern.  


Craftsmen style kitchens-

One that a wood lover might choose. They show off the detail of the skill it took to build them, showing the perfect wood joints that might otherwise be hidden by overlays or panels. They are built out of rich woods, and are stained to show the natural characteristics wood provides. Simple lighting throughout, coupled with built in seating and natural stone give this style a look of its own, and a truly custom visual experience. The fixture of choice in this style would be bold, different, and usually made of copper, oil rubbed bronze, or brass.   


Rustic style kitchens-

This in a category all its own when compared to the others. It is old looking, with distressed wood, faded or glazed finishes throughout. Countertops can be wood instead of granite, or limestone, with non-classic fixtures like bronze, or copper. Wood beams can be incorporated, farmhouse style sinks, and antique memorabilia to give it that personal touch.


Modern style kitchens-

Very sleek and clean in their design and details. The point is to show off the materials being used, but in a clean, and simple way.  Many people incorporate tile for backsplashes, countertops that are one color throughout, and canned lighting. The cabinets have full overlay doors and the design is elongated horizontally to make the space feel bigger, but more futuristic. This design works well with stainless steel appliances, and people who don’t like clutter.


Mediterranean style kitchens-

What you think of when you see a movie shot overseas. They are bright, warm, and inviting. They use big bold colors, have ornate details throughout the tile work, and the cabinetry itself. Swooping curves are encouraged, as well as wrought iron to help accent the textured walls and ceiling beams.


Cottage style kitchens-

Very open in nature. The open shelving was used instead of cabinetry to cut down on costs. It also lends itself well to a chef, where they can see what they want to grab. They can incorporate faded or worn paint to make items like furniture style cabinets to look used, or rustic. The floor may be distressed rustic wood, and the sinks tend to be farmhouse style open sinks. This is a very simple design that does not have many ornate details. Its more clean and classic.